It is a very simple idea to use the power of compound interest

It is a very simple idea to use the power of compound interest  Smart people are easily attracted by complex things, and underestimate the great influence and importance of simple ideas. But Monish Pabrai is a full pragmatist, and he will not fall into this trap. "It is a very simple idea to use the power of compound interest, a very simple idea to imitate, and a very simple idea to be honest." He said. However, when you apply some powerful ideas with great enthusiasm, the cumulative effect is "incomparable".

Buying stocks is buying companies

 Buying stocks is buying companies

Peter Lynch, a famous fund manager, once said an interesting sentence about the bear market crash:

"Of the 40 stock market crashes in the past 70 years, even if I predicted 39 of them in advance and sold all the stocks before the crash, I would regret it very much in the end. Because even the stock crash with the largest decline, the stock price finally rose back and rose higher."

This paragraph is also very appropriate for fund investment.

The rise and fall of the short-term market are unpredictable.

Most of the time, the sharp fall of a bear market and the sharp rise of a bull market are driven by irrational panic and the greed of investors.

If you sell your fund because you are afraid it will fall later, you don't stick to it.

It's a pity.

Buying stocks is buying companies.

Buying a fund is like buying a basket of stock assets.

As long as the company's profits rise for a long time, the stock price will rise back, so there is no need to panic and sell when underestimating the region's short-term decline.

In real life, which big boss will sell his profitable company cheaply?

We insist on investing at the bottom of the bear market, and the final income will be good.


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